We hope you all are enjoying your first week of December! We are working around the holidays here at Intake.Me knowing that chronic disease waits for no one. We really enjoyed our last #patientchat on E-cubed and are still accepting logo submissions from anyone who wants to develop a vision of the empowered patient. Once we get a logo we may even go so far as to put it on a coffee mug? Hmmm…

This week we want to dive a little deeper into the idea of your #epatient powers. Imagine this: Let’s say you walk into a doctor’s appointment wearing a tool belt. What tools would be on your tool belt? Since we’re just imagining here, the tools can be pretend or real, utilitarian or magical, digital or analog — whatever you need to make your appointment go smoothly and empower you as a patient.

Here are a few questions to get you started:

  • If you had to go to a desert island for your doctor’s appointment (bear with us), what one thing would you have to have with you?
  • What are some nice to haves but not 100% essential tools on your toolbelt? 
  • If you were magic, what tool would you invent to go with you to your appointment?
  • What is on E-cubed’s tool belt? (or is the cape enough) Learn more about E-cubed Super Hero

We can’t wait to hear what you came up with and to share your tool belt full of tools, tips and perhaps even some trickery with other empowered patients.

See you on http://www.twubs.com/patientchat at the usual time (1pm EST / 10am PST) this Friday, December 6th!  

Emily Lu

Emily Lu

Co-founder at Intake.Me
As a medical student going into family medicine, Emily joined Intake.me to leverage technology to create a more patient-centered health care system. Emily is now a resident in the UCSF-SFGH Family and Community Medicine program. She is focused on developing a primary care system that uses technology to empower patients. Emily is passionate about underserved medicine, public health and quality improvement. She was selected to present an Ignite!Talk at Medx2015 on streamlining doctor visits.
Emily Lu