Last night, Intake.Me had the pleasure of being featured by Treatment Diaries on their annual #treatdiarieschat. A few points we discussed.

  • Our patients are our primary stakeholders.
  • We focus on the intake process — because that’s an area where we think the doctor’s visit loses time and has potential to provide crucial information to establish the doctor-patient relationship.
  • We aim to make the process of uploading data as easy as possible because we want to make our product accessible/useful to patients with longstanding chronic disease(s).
  • We believe that patient empowerment is critical to good health outcomes.

Thanks to all that participated in the chat. Many shared their own experiences with the difficulties of getting medical records transferred from one doctor to another (e.g. when moving states!), and we even inspired one follower to start keeping track of their own medical records!

Any other lingering questions about Intake.Me or want to continue the discussion from the chat? Feel free to ask us here!

Emily Lu

Emily Lu

Co-founder at Intake.Me
As a medical student going into family medicine, Emily joined to leverage technology to create a more patient-centered health care system. Emily is now a resident in the UCSF-SFGH Family and Community Medicine program. She is focused on developing a primary care system that uses technology to empower patients. Emily is passionate about underserved medicine, public health and quality improvement. She was selected to present an Ignite!Talk at Medx2015 on streamlining doctor visits.
Emily Lu