Earlier this week, our friends over at Wegohealth hosted a health activists chat (#HAchat) on the challenges of communicating with your doctor. They covered some really interesting questions from the strategies people have used to help their doctors understand their needs to the issues people feel uncomfortable discussing with doctor — even when they know that it is important.

Luckily for #patientchat, we have recruited Mark-John Clifford to guest-host our tweetchat, which will be next Friday, Oct 18th at the usual time: 1pm EST / 10am PST. Here are some questions to get you thinking:

1) What has been the most difficult thing to bring up with your doctor?

2) What do you wish you had more time to discuss with your doctor?

3) What has motivated you to speak up, if you do? What strategies do you use to make sure that your voice is heard during the doctor’s visit? 

The Intake.Me staff will also be on hand to field any questions you have about how our product will help you advocate for yourself at your doctor’s office.

Some further food for thought from this week’s #HAchat:

  • @getqardioBe thorough, and ask questions. If you think your doc isn’t understanding you, repeat what you want them to understand. #hachat
  • @shefcancermafia: Make notes about things you want to cover before your appointment and take them along with you. #hachat
  • @AliKhoshnevis: Patient feedback is valued and will be taken into consideration – but empirical evidence is important to the physician – Show Facts #HAchat
  • @Crohnoid: I take the attitude that I am the expert on MY health; the doctors are specialists that help me take informed decisions. #HAchat
  • @SarahMireles4: Patients deny help b/c they feel embarrased. Doctors need to adapt to situations so that patients don’t feel pressured. #hachat
  • @CIRants: Most time is spent going over my current symptoms, which are almost always the same as last time. Feels like a waste of time. #hachat
  • @getqardio: It’s important to make the most of each #doctors appointment, and avoid wasting time. Cut to the chase. Go in with an agenda. #hachat
  • @Crohnoid#hachat Nothing is off limits. You have to be totally open with your doctor and expect the same in return.
  • @Crohnoid: #hachat I wrote a short piece on how I get the best out of consultants and appointments. Be interested in your views http://t.co/oiZ25KV1Df
  • @MarisallFhaving someone with you will show you you have the ability to speak up & that your opinions matter. Esp when it’s your body&mind! #hachat
  • @SarahMireles4: When it comes to health, speaking up is crucial. Doctors should want to help you and if you feel uncomfortable asking, swtch doctors.#hachat
  • @StanAlbersSituation way too serious to be bothered by feelings of insecurity #hachat

What do you think is the most important thing people should know about speaking up at their doctor’s visit?

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Darla Brown

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Darla Brown is the co-founder and CEO of Intake.me and a life long technology enthusiast and nerd. Intake.me is a digital health company focused on empowering people in their health. Darla's career in technology spans two decades, where she has successfully led engineering teams in Los Angeles to build highly scalable, consumer-facing platforms for companies like ThisNext.com, Comedy.com, Taschen Books, E*TRADE, The Jim Henson Company, and many more. She transitioned her focus into healthcare after going through cancer treatment in 2010 and finding so few technologies created from the patient's perspective. She is a strong voice for patient-centered, value based care, as well as accessibility and transparency. She is also a registered yoga teacher and meditation teacher.
Darla Brown
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