On patient stories

For next week’s #patientchat, we want to talk about patient stories. We admit that part of our inspiration to want to talk about this is a recent controversy by a husband-wife journalist team against a cancer blogger, tweeter and advocate who was accused of... read more

Happy New Year!

Here at Intake.Me, we are all excited for a new year of patient empowerment. Our new year’s resolutions all boil down to this: we want to do more to improve patients’ experience with the medical system. And for now, what that means is continuing our work... read more

Ecubed: The epatient super hero

When we organized yesterday’s lively #patientchat on what is your patient superpower, we didn’t expect to get such a lively response! We talked about what people knew about their disease, celebrated their superpowers, and developed an awesome new superhero called... read more

Being the best patient is helping your doctor be their best

— Tweet from @diatribe from last week’s #patientchat.

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Being the best patient is helping your doctor be their best

Last week’s #patientchat was hosted by patient activist Mark-John Clifford on the topic of speaking up at your doctor’s visit. We started off with a few basic questions, but the conversation expanded into issues of trust, doctor-patient partnership and some critical... read more