One of the privileges of working on Intake.Me is the opportunities we have had to interact with the empowered patient community. They inspire and compel us to continue the work that we do every day to build a product that will continue to support them in pursuing their best lives. But we also started Intake.Me with the hope that we would create something that is simple, easy and streamlined enough for anyone to use – so that anyone would be able to become an empowered patient, too.

We know that, by virtue of being there, the people that follow and join us on #patientchat are not typical of the population as a whole. They are further along in the journey of becoming an empowered patient – aware of their disease, its impact on their lives, and the tools they have at their disposal to make it better. We believe that they have a lot to teach the general public, to help others begin on their journeys towards being an empowered patient.

So, that is why we’re calling on our #patientchatters to share their thoughts on how we can make the general public more active, empowered patients. Come join us to discuss this further on this Friday’s #patientchat at 10am PST / 1pm EST! For more instructions and a more complete schedule of upcoming #patientchats, click here.

Here are some questions to get you thinking:

  • How can we help more people become empowered patients?
  • What is something you know now as an empowered patient that you with you knew before?
  • What would you say someone who is newly diagnosed with a chronic disease?
  • What is one thing that you can do to make people more empowered patients?

Looking forward to talking on Friday! 

Emily Lu

Emily Lu

Co-founder at Intake.Me
As a medical student going into family medicine, Emily joined to leverage technology to create a more patient-centered health care system. Emily is now a resident in the UCSF-SFGH Family and Community Medicine program. She is focused on developing a primary care system that uses technology to empower patients. Emily is passionate about underserved medicine, public health and quality improvement. She was selected to present an Ignite!Talk at Medx2015 on streamlining doctor visits.
Emily Lu