Here at we spend a lot of time thinking about the question, “How can digital tools and social media transform the patient experience?”, and are working to answer it through technology, education and community.

We’re committed to providing content and creating spaces that help patients and families become more empowered in their health.

One place we do this is at our bi-weekly Empowered Patient Chats where patients and advocates come together to learn from each other and discuss topics of interest. We also offer ePatient101 courses on what patient empowerment is and why it is important, plus steps, tools and resources to become more empowered. firmly believes in including patient insights in the design of our tools. We incorporate our Patient Advisory Board and use social media in the development process. Soon we’ll be launching, for Patients and for Doctors.


Janet Kennedy of the GetSocialHealth podcast spoke with co-founder Darla Brown about for Patients and the Empowered Patient Chat community.

Darla shared how the story of is the story of a doctor and a patient coming together around their passion for patient empowerment and working to create tools that help both sides get to what is really important: better health.

Listen Here – You can select the entire interview or drop in at any of the noted timestamps.

We appreciate GetSocialHealth highlighting our efforts.


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Christina Lizaso

Christina Lizaso

Community Manager

Christina specializes in healthcare digital community building and communications. She is a connector and has a passion for supporting those dealing with the impacts of disease.
Christina Lizaso