You’re invited to a special Empowered Patient Chat this Friday at 10am PST/ 1pm EST with special guest Denise Brown from Our theme for this chat is Creating a Care Plan that Works with Your Caregiver.

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Denise founded in 1996 to create a supportive space for family caregivers. features insights, information and inspirations to help family caregivers. Denise is also a certified life coach, graduating from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) in 2004. As a life coach, Denise works with family caregivers to develop coping skills, manage stressful situations and build better communication systems with other family members and health care professionals.

Come with pencil and paper in hand (or computer) so you can begin to create a Care Plan that works for you and your caregiver. Here are some questions to get your thoughts flowing for what is sure to be an insightful hour:

  1. First of all, what is a care plan?
  2. How can empowered patients benefit from a care plan?
  3. How do you create a care plan with your caregiver?
  4. How can a patient & caregiver share the care plan with their entire healthcare team?
  5. What resources are available to patients wanting to create a care plan?

richardThis special caregiver’s #patientchat will be hosted by Empowered Patient and Caregiver, Richard Kreis @kreisr1. Richard is also a member of Intake.Me’s Patient Advisory Board. Richard is a tri-fecta caregiver. He cares for his mother with heart and lung issues, co-cares for his brother in-law who lives with him and his wife and is dealing with epilepsy and is also a patient himself suffering from chronic back pain. Richard blogs about the issues he runs into in the health care system and how to deal with them using humor on his site, and on where he works with caregivers through support groups and internet radio. His tag line is “Pain without Humor is just Painful.”

We look forward to Richard’s insights as he hosts and moderates this Friday’s event. Be sure to follow Richard on Twitter at @kreisr1 and Denise on Twitter at @caregiving. Be sure to follow and include the hashtag #patientchat in all your Tweets during the hour to fully participate.

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Darla Brown

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Darla Brown is the co-founder and CEO of and a life long technology enthusiast and nerd. is a digital health company focused on empowering people in their health. Darla's career in technology spans two decades, where she has successfully led engineering teams in Los Angeles to build highly scalable, consumer-facing platforms for companies like,, Taschen Books, E*TRADE, The Jim Henson Company, and many more. She transitioned her focus into healthcare after going through cancer treatment in 2010 and finding so few technologies created from the patient's perspective. She is a strong voice for patient-centered, value based care, as well as accessibility and transparency. She is also a registered yoga teacher and meditation teacher.
Darla Brown
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