How does an empowered patient approach prevention? #patientchat

A big part of being an empowered patient is about doing whatever we can do to prevent illness from happening in the first place. So this week’s #patientchat topic is “How does an empowered patient approach prevention?” Together we will be exploring ways we can not only help ourselves but also our loved ones and our communities to get regular screenings and create habits that prevent illnesses.

How to Empower Patients: “I am an #epatient, ask me what that is.”

For last week’s #patientchat, we discussed what ways we had to make more patients empowered, and as always, our #patientchat community had many great ideas. Because there are many parts to becoming an empowered patient: from learning about what it means to be empowered, to developing a relationship with a doctor who supports you being empowered, to changing your mindset about what it means to be a patient.

How do we make people more empowered patients?

One of the privileges of working on Intake.Me is the opportunities we have had to interact with the empowered patient community. They inspire and compel us to continue the work that we do every day to build a product that will continue to support them in pursuing their best lives. But we also started Intake.Me with the hope that we would create something that is simple, easy and streamlined enough for anyone to use – so that anyone would be able to become an empowered patient, too…