Founded by an ePatient and a physician who experience the inadequacies of the healthcare system first-hand, believes in direct input from patients at every step of the design process. Through the Patient Advisory Board (PAB), as well as by building relationships with patients through the Empowered #patientchat Series and other digital channels, gathers feedback so that its products can meet real patient needs.

Empathy is an essential part of our product design process when we create anything at We are focused on patient-centered design because so few products in healthcare are designed from their perspective and we believe we don’t need to sacrifice usability for beautiful, attractive digital health products. We meet regularly with our Patient Advisory Board members so we can get their feedback and learn more about how our technology can help them and other patients as well. They are essential members of our team.

~ Darla Brown, CEO & Co-founder, is thrilled with the two latests additions to our amazing group of PAB members: Candace Lerman and Devon Low. They join AnneMarie Ciccarella, Alan Brewington, Richard Kreis, and Julie Cerrone.


Candace Lerman, @rarecandace

Candace was diagnosed with the rare disease Immune Thrombocytopenia (ITP) in 2014. She now advocates, educates and empowers other rare disease warriors through her RareCandace blog. And driven by her focus on legislative advocacy to bring change for the rare disease community, she is currently attending law school.


Devon Low, @devonsrooster

Devon, a COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) patient since childhood, is an advisor and mentor to COPD health coaches as part of a clinical research team studying the benefits of health coaching for patients with COPD in the “safety net” clinics of poor communities in his hometown of San Francisco. He also volunteers as a Black Rock Ranger at the annual Burning Man art and music festival.


We can’t imagine building our tools any other way than actively involving the people we are designing for. Each of our Patient Advisors brings a unique perspective and their own experience as a patient to You can read about each of our PAB Members and find links to their blogs here: About Us envisions a health care system where patients are empowered with tools and knowledge to get the best outcome and value for the care they need; a health care system where doctors can deliver that care seamlessly and get back to the reason they became doctors in the first place: to help people feel better. We see the future of care as a system of continuous learning and sharing of the best information between patient and doctor. ​We are helping to create a new health care system that is patient ­centered and outcome focused. – All Your Health Matters for Patients & for Doctors ePatient101: Virtual Classroom Empowered #patientchat Series



Christina Lizaso

Christina Lizaso

Community Manager

Christina specializes in healthcare digital community building and communications. She is a connector and has a passion for supporting those dealing with the impacts of disease.
Christina Lizaso