Me, Myself and Mom: A Caregiver’s Concerns

Caregiver and empowered patient Richard Kreis shares a glimpse into the daily challenges of caregiving in “Me, Myself and Mom: An Update” – A lot has been going on lately and I’ve been blogging about other stuff more than I have about, well us. Not saying I haven’t posted anything it’s just I know there’s a lot I haven’t written Imageand I feel I need to, if you don’t mind? Virtual Conference, 2014

For all of you who may have been unable to attend the 1st Annual Virtual Caregivers Conference 2014, I have posted the archive link below so you can view it at your leisure. Topics covered: putting together your carees medical binder, traveling with your caree or preparing to travel yourself and making preparations for your caree, loading/unloading your caree into a sedan and into a SUV, along with some safety product reviews and much more.

A surprise (and unwelcome) visitor: Charley Horses

Richard Kreis, one of our Patient Advisory Board members, who is also an empowered caregiver and patient, shares his experience with a recent surprise (and unwelcome) visitor: Charley Horses. Richard shares his empowered patient detective skills and asks, “What were you not told about your medications that later surprised you?”