10 Tips for Finding a Good Pharmacist #epatient

Do not let anyone, especially your doctor, tell you to never listen to your pharmacist. That is far from the truth. My team of pharmacists, more than once, have saved me with issues from my meds. One time I almost went into a coma due to the prescription being too strong for me at that time. If it wasn’t for the pharmacist and Patti bringing it to their attention I probably wouldn’t be here now.

So a short guide to dealing with your pharmacist as an empowered patient is as follows:

What To Do Now That You Are An Empowered Patient

I thought I would give you some insight from my entry into the empowered patient world. My take may be different from yours but let me say this, it should run pretty close to mine in that many doctors are the same (afraid of an empowered patient), especially if they are set in their ways. Don’t let that scare you away though, it just takes a little time and loving to make everyone work together.