As we develop our product and grow our blog, Intake.Me has wanted to continue to create resources for the empowered patient and to feature work by empowered patients. What better way, we figured, to do that than to have our patient advisors (empowered patients themselves) write about their experiences and other stories/learnings they have heard of throughout the web? Mark-John Clifford, who some of you may recognize from his work hosting our #patientchat, is starting that series here. Enjoy!

– Emily and Darla, Intake.Me

There is so much out there for the empowered patient to know and keep up with. To alleviate that concern Intake.Me now has a Flipboard Magazine: Empowered Patient News for your perusal at anytime you feel the need to acquire more information to guide you in being an empowered patient.

As many of you know being an empowered patient isn’t always easy, and that is what Intake.Me is building for you. An easier and more effective way to guide you in taking control of your life and your health by partnering with your medical, nutritional and fitness professionals.

I started being an empowered patient long before I knew what it meant and mainly because my parents were empowered caretakers and taught me to partner with the experts. Their reasoning is if you don’t care about you why should the Doctor put effort into caring. When you don’t show an interest the Doctor has control of you and your body. When you show an interest in being part of your health management at all levels, hopefully that will inspire the health professional to take more of an interest. At the least if they don’t live up to your standards you know that you are part of what is happening to your body, and you have control.

Our Empowered Patient News will provide you with the best and most informative articles that we can curate from the web and other sources to help you make wise decisions in your health care and speak knowledgeably with your medical team, so that you get the best care possible. Having as much information as possible for you and your research makes it easier for you and your team to make decisions as partners.

As this is one of my favorite subjects to write and chat about on Twitter, I will save more of that for future posts. For now my main goal is to get you following our Flipboard Magazine, Empower Patient News and get the information needed for you to make decisions.

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