The Empowered Patient Checklist for Doctor Visits – free PDF download

Patients can also benefit greatly by keeping “simple” check lists for each healthcare related task, including doctor visits. We are busy at Intake.Me creating tools to help you manage the many tasks surrounding your healthcare. And, with the help of our Patient Chat community, we have created a free PDF entitled “The Empowered Patient Checklist for Doctor Visits”.

My Life as an Empowered Patient (Part 1)

I believe I can trace my start as an empowered patient to when my parents were involved with my treatment as a child for polio. I don’t remember everything in the early stages, but as I grew older, they began talking to me about how to take an interest in my health.
At 12 or 13, it was hard for me to listen. Now, I can honestly say thanks to my Mom and Dad for insisting I get involved in my own health….

Don’t miss this week’s #patientchat!

This Friday at 10am PST / 1pm EST, we’re going to try something a little different with #patientchat. We want to make use of the wonderfully collaborative patient community we have, and collaborate on producing a “patient checklist” for a doctor visit. We’ve already covered some of these topics in producing a #epatient toolkit, but we’re sure our #patientchat community has many more ideas…

What is meaningful health data?

During tonight’s #hcsm chat, which is a Twitter chat about “Healthcare Communications & Social Media”, we discussed whether doctors should prescribe apps and what healthcare data should be tracked. In the course of this discussion, the question was raised – who determines what is meaningful health data? …